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Displaying Coins and Paper Money

I have a large collection of money from around the world – from various travels over the years. The paper money of different countries is so unique and colorful. I would like to find a way to display it in my home. I was thinking of framing it, but can’t find frames of the right […]

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Artist’s Obscurity

Artist’s Obscurity An etching from Paris Etching Society that was picked up at an estate auction. We wanted to see if I could dig up more information about this etching online. I figured I could “google” the painter and get something – no luck at all… it appears this painter never did another painting/etching again […]

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Ben Franklin, 2007

In a follow-up to a previous article on mosaic imagery and numismatic art we found an artist that works on large scale prints that are composed of smaller images of a like theme. Artist Chris Jordan has put together three 8.5 feet wide by 10.5 feet tall horizontal panels that depicts 125,000 one-hundred dollar bills […]

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Photomosaic Money

This visual technique still amazes me… The art of computer-generated mosaics of pictures made from tiled pictures is fairly new and has somewhat been overdone. Examples of the art are available in a book titled Photomosaics, a compilation of images created by computer programs written by Robert Silvers. Silvers was a MIT student and is […]

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10,000 Coins

This is a commercial for the series on SkyOne in the UK called The Big Idea which pits inventors and entrepreneurs against one another for a chance to have their invention or business idea realized, and to win £100,000. Yeah, it’s for a commercial with clever editing but it’s still a pretty impressive feat to […]

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