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Gold Demand

Strong demand remains for physical gold. Well selected gold coins will outperform common bullion products. The current high premiums for common gold Eagles, Maple Leafs, and Krugerrands allow astute collectors a buying opportunity.

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James Bond’s ‘Q’ Inspires Real-Life Innovators

Looking forward to the new Ian Fleming’s, James Bond series out again… we offer up some quick information about what real CIA officers have used… real hollowed-out Soviet coins, roughly the size of silver dollars, to hide secret material.  CIA agents would use the coins to stash secret material, unscrewing them and hiding large quantities […]

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Old Money by Yoko Devereaux

The press release starts off “In these days of soaring gas prices, yelps of cash crunches and real estate depression, the last thing anyone would do is destroy money. Well, anyone but Yoko Devereaux that is. Launching for spring/summer 2008, Old Money, is a collection of coins hand cut into works of art Yoko has […]

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Displaying Coins and Paper Money

I have a large collection of money from around the world – from various travels over the years. The paper money of different countries is so unique and colorful. I would like to find a way to display it in my home. I was thinking of framing it, but can’t find frames of the right […]

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Things to Avoid When Buying Coins on eBay

Buying coins online has never been easier. Besides the traditional online coin store there are also ways to get coins through eBay, Craigslist, Teletrade, VCoins and Heritage – to name just a few. Catching a great example of an early 2-Cent piece in an auction that nobody found on eBay is pretty fun – score! […]

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