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Penny prices pinched by rising cost of metal

Further evidence that times are tough: It now costs more than a penny to make a penny. And the cost of a nickel is more than 7½ cents. That doesn’t make much fiscal “cents”!!! Prices for copper, zinc and nickel have some in Congress proposing steel-made pennies and nickels. Surging prices for copper, zinc and […]

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Finders Keepers!?

A contractor who helped discover bundles of Depression-era U.S. currency totaling $182,000 hidden behind bathroom walls said the homeowner should turn the money over to him or at least share it. Most of the currency, issued in 1927 and 1929, is in good condition. Bob Kitts said his feud with the owner of the 83-year […]

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“The new $5 bills will be safer, smarter and more secure.” Sounds like a commercial for the new Bionic Woman… Scheduled for public release in early 2008, the new “finskie” sports Lincoln’s best side in a distinguished portrait shot that will surely scare would be counterfeit operatives away. It’s still just plain money paper… nothing […]

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Ben Franklin, 2007

In a follow-up to a previous article on mosaic imagery and numismatic art we found an artist that works on large scale prints that are composed of smaller images of a like theme. Artist Chris Jordan has put together three 8.5 feet wide by 10.5 feet tall horizontal panels that depicts 125,000 one-hundred dollar bills […]

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Photomosaic Money

This visual technique still amazes me… The art of computer-generated mosaics of pictures made from tiled pictures is fairly new and has somewhat been overdone. Examples of the art are available in a book titled Photomosaics, a compilation of images created by computer programs written by Robert Silvers. Silvers was a MIT student and is […]

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Coin Collector Buys Parking-Meter Treasure

New York City’s Department of Transportation this week sold off 500 pounds of foreign coins it collected from city parking meters. For the last ten years the NYC Department of Transportation has been have a public coin auction of the foreign coins people place in parking meters. The price range is now almost $4.00 a […]

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Kick It! : 3M Security Glass

3M was so sure that their Security Glass was unbreakable. They put up stacks of money in it and fitted the thing at the bus stop and ask every passerby to kick that thing.  3M was so sure their Security Glass was unbreakable, they put a large stack of cash behind it and shoved it in a bus stop. Now, […]

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