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Travel (Credit Card) Hacking with $1 Coins

NPR’s Planet Money reporters recently investigated the $1 presidential coin program, which was a Congressional effort to get more $1 coins into circulation while also trying to be educational. The problem is that nobody really wants them. Well, not nobody. Sixty percent of the coins make it into circulation. But that other 40 percent? Read […]

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What’s a jewelerysmith to do!?

Rising cost of silver and and gold has had a hit on crafters, jewelers and metalsmiths alike. Even the once ubiquitously cheap copper is no match for the ever moving market forces. One might threaten to just melt down some Peace dollars in spite just to get raw material for projects. Considering the cost of […]

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Things we collect.

CNN has a great line up of snapshots of the “things we like to stash” submitted from their iReport affiliate staff members. It truly demonstrates in a very limited number of pictures how crazy people can get about the stuff they are passionate about collecting. It is also very interesting to see how people display […]

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