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a friend of mine sent us pictures of his son’s x-ray… that’s a quarter in his throat… crazy. I’ve heard of jelly beans up the nose, pennies and nickels but wow – a quarter. you know, there’s a joke/commentary in here about high inflation and the economy… with swallowing a quarter instead of a penny, […]

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Coin shrinking with high voltage in slow motion

Coin Shrinking from Jeremy Ruhland on Vimeo. Check out Bert Hickman’s “Makin’ Small Change” and Shrinker Gallery Discharging about 10 kV (15,000 joules!) from enormous 300 µF capacitors the team at Hackerbot Labs “Turn half dollars into quarters! Turn quarters into dimes! Turn dimes into little semi-molten balls of metal!” with their custom built apparatus […]

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Your Very Own Spy Coin!

Poppy quarter’ behind spy coin alert An odd-looking Canadian coin with a bright red flower was the culprit behind a U.S. Defense Department false espionage warning earlier this year about mysterious coin-like objects with radio frequency transmitters, The Associated Press has learned. The harmless “poppy coin” was so unfamiliar to suspicious U.S. Army contractors traveling […]

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