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Artist’s Obscurity

Artist’s Obscurity An etching from Paris Etching Society that was picked up at an estate auction. We wanted to see if I could dig up more information about this etching online. I figured I could “google” the painter and get something – no luck at all… it appears this painter never did another painting/etching again […]

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2008 RCC Coin Show

Raleigh Coin Club Annual 2008 Coin Show June 21 + 22 Kerr Scott Building [ get directions ] North Carolina State Fairgrounds More information on the RCC Coin Show and bourse information is available now. Bourse applications can be found here… It looks to be a packed event with dealers from all across North Carolina, […]

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Coin Collector Buys Parking-Meter Treasure

New York City’s Department of Transportation this week sold off 500 pounds of foreign coins it collected from city parking meters. For the last ten years the NYC Department of Transportation has been have a public coin auction of the foreign coins people place in parking meters. The price range is now almost $4.00 a […]

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